Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dj Rosa Alekseev@Guitarahalla - Sine Space - 2 pm pst

Dj Rosa Alekseev will been streaming from Brazil:
80s and 90s Rock, blues
Contest - Answer right and win Silver

Rosa is crazy with all kinds of music- rithimic. She believes that music is universal language and set all people together in same sintony. She began study music with 5 years age. She has been Dj, in virtuals worlds and radios, more than 10 years. She can provide music of diferent themes. 
Like a friend said - "She bridges worlds with her music".

Guitarahalla is a club very well built, full of details!
Sine Space is one game of new generation built in Unity, so the graphic is amazing..
The team is very helpfull.
People there are all time kind,creativy and love have fun. Gamers from diferent part of world.
Come and lets have a super time with good tunes rolling , super people dancing in a breath take build Club.

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