Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Inspiration Island Announces it's grand opening in just 4 days

Grand opening party Scavenger hunt music and movies. Something for everyone
To get to this event go to Kitely grid and put  hop://  into your firestorm map and then click find and TP. 

Kitely, September 14th, 2016: Inspiration Island announced today that after several months of preparations the curtain is about to be lifted on a virtual world experience like none other. Designed to motivate, educate inspire, and entertain the island's purpose is to help anyone who wants to learn, how to live life to the fullest through peace love and joy.
Whether it's exercises designed to help you find work such as a typing test, or entire buildings whose sole purpose is to motivate you. Inspiration Island has something for everyone

On Saturday, September 17th we invite you to join us as we celebrate our grand opening to the public on Kitely grid. The festivities will begin at 2 PM Pacific daylight Time with a scavenger hunt designed to give a taste of all that the island has to offer. 

Then at 4 PM PDT the music begins with Vince  Ruissatel. Vince is a dynamic performer who specializes in classics from John Denver to the Red Hot Chili P0eppers. Then at 5 PM Singergirl Mode takes the stage. With a song list of over 400 songs from smooth Jazz, to classic country and more rock than a 1980s jukebox. The show never slows down and never disappoints.

At 6:30 PDT we will wind down the evening with a classic flick. It's a full day of events, and you are invited we hope you will join us

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