Monday, March 11, 2013

JWheels Presents This Week 3-11-13

Tuesday with Lauren and then Jwheels Presents
Tuesday, March 12th @ 5PM PDT

Lauren is the greatest Second Life comic and she's sharing her mic with you. Bring a friend you won't regret it. Then at 6PM JWheels Presents LizAday Solo

Jwheels Presents LizAday Solo
Tuesday, March 12th 6pm PDT

LizAday Solo
Liz makes her living entirely from music. She has performed across the USA on various tours. Covers & originals. Genres range form dance, rock, R&B/Soul & techno and tons more.

Jwheels Presents Jean Munro Live from Nashville Music Row
Wednesday, March 13th, 5pm PDT

Jean Munro
Jean Munro is a professional vocalist and keyboard player, teacher, mentor,.. who performs classic jazz tunes, new jazz tunes and contemporary songs. Her voice has been described as liquid silk. A woman who knows passion and arouses those around her with her voice.
She can jump into any genre at a moments notice, from rock to classical and possesses a huge vocal range with smoky vocals.  

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