Monday, September 20, 2010

JWheels Presents this week 09-20-10

Lauren Live @ Treet TV
September 21st @ 4:30pm SLT

Come be on TV with Lauren. Wave to your Mom, smile at your kids. This is the place to be

IMPORTANT you will land in a Welcome area. There will either be an extra TP to Lauren's Place on a nearby sign or just head due South You'll see the place (it's a long walk so bring water and make sure you peed since there are no toilets on the way.)

JWheels Presents Gina Stella Live from Hobo Island
Wednesday, September 22nd, 5pm SLT

Gina Stella
Many descriptions have been given of her music such as she has an edge like Melissa Etheridge and an ethereal voice like Jewel. While this is true, Gina's angelic voice is Gina uniquely her own.

JWheels Presents The Automatic Band Live from Saint Leo University
Friday, September 24th, 6pm SLT

The Automatic Band
Entertains audiences inworld and out with innovative and original compositions reflecting an eclectic musical tastes that cover an astonishing range of styles blending widely divergent genres such as electronica, pop, rock, and jazz.

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