Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lauren Live Treat TV Taping @ 4:30 PM PST

It's Time once again for SL's greatest comic to take the stage in front of a live studio audience for Treet TV. It'll be broadcast all around the web so bring a friend and wave to your mom. As always you'll want to stay for the great music after the show at 5:30PM PST. This month Jwheels Presents Beth Odets.
Her Solo Performances in SL usually Feature Both Violin/Fiddle AND Guitar/Vocals. She plays a Mix of Folk, Classical ,Bluegrass, Showtunes, and a wide variety of tunes that aren't taditionally "fiddle tunes" - pushing the limit on what she can create with her "wordless voice" ( violin)- If she's heard it she can play it... so requests are welcome!


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